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In-Person Services & Rates


-Prebookings Required- 

My time books up quickly, so I highly recommend booking a few days to a week in advance to avoid disappointment. 

At least 24 hours notice while in Calgary unless otherwise posted. 

Same day bookings available with preferably 3 hours notice while on tour.


Extra screening may be required for certain booking requests, if you are under the age of 30, or if you wish to see me at your private residence for an outcall. 

Otherwise the only screening I require is a correctly filled out contact form


A 10% Deposit will be required to confirm any booking request in Calgary. (20% while on tour) Deposits can be made via e-transfer, or Uber Canada gift cards. International clients can also pay deposits as a tip on my Onlyfans. I will have to charge this form of deposit at par in USD to cover OF processing fees. 

I cannot guarantee availability until a day and time is confirmed with a deposit. 

I always prefer cash but if you would like to prepay via e-transfer (Canadian Only) after you’ve paid the deposit you can, as long as I receive it in my bank account before you arrive. Depending on your bank, processing can sometimes take time and I will not be able to provide services until you’ve paid upfront. Please read more about donation etiquette in the “New Clients FAQ” for more detailed info.

Are you coming from the States and don't have time to convert your cash? Not to worry, I can accept American dollars and I've pre-calculated so we aren't doing currency exchange math in our bathrobes. USD rates are rounded up for my convenience.  



Any time spent together outside of my private Incall space or your Hotel/Condo/Apartment. Any beverage/food or activity will be paid for by you. My rates are for my time and companionship. 

Can Include - Coffee Dates/Quick Meet, Dinner Dates, Social Events, Spa Day, Concerts, Conventions, Road Trips etc. 


Public Date Rate

(Travel fee may be required)

$200CAD $150USD - 30mins coffee date/Quick meet

$250CAD $200USD/hr





Consists of private time at my Incall space. 2 hours maximum. 

Can Include the following but will depend on compatibility and hygiene. 

Please specify in your inquiry if there is a specific service you would like included that is not listed here.


Passionate Kissing, Cuddling, Oral Stimulation with Condom or Dental Dam,

Full Service Intimacy with Condom.

MSOG - only included in an multi-hour bookings with breaks in between. 

By request in advance, Erotic Massage and Edging, Fetish Friendly, Toys, and Outfit Requests

$350CAD $280USD - 30mins 

$450CAD $350USD - 1 hour

$650CAD $500USD - 90 mins

$850CAD $650USD - 2 hours 


For Clients I've met at least once before please or Clients who have at least booked me for Virtual Services before.

-any travel time together is included-

All extended dates can be shortened to not include private time for $250/hr 

Extended dates that include Outcall private time will require a $50 travel fee.

Quick Bite

$1000CAD $750USD - 3 hours 

Must include 2 hours private time 1 hour public for a quick bite (Dessert, Cafe, or Fast Food) 


Brunch/Lunch/Dinner Date 

$1200CAD $900USD - 4 hours 

Must include 2 hours private time and 2 hours public for a meal (Restaurant or Shisha Lounge)  


“Let’s do Something!”

$1300CAD $1000USD - 5 hours

Must include 2 hours private and 3 hours public for a meal and pre planned activity. (Movie, Show, Spa date, Seasonal Activity)


Concert date 

$1500CAD $1100USD - 6 hours

Must include 2 hours private and 4 hours public for a meal and pre planned activity. 

(Concert, Sporting event, Stampede/ other festival) 



Private time at your Hotel or Condo/Apartment building only, must be within City limits. Extra Screening will be required for Condo/Apartment outcalls. 

(I may require an extra outcall fee while I'm on tour)

$400CAD $300USD - 30 mins

$500CAD $400USD - 1 hour

$700CAD $550USD - 90 mins

$900CAD $700USD - 2 hours


-Outcall Only-

Must include a room service or delivery meal. 4-5 hours must include watching a movie together after/while we eat. Maximum 5 hours 

$1300CAD $1000USD - 3 hours

$1400CAD $1100USD - 4 hours

$1500CAD $1200USD - 5 hours 


- Outcall Only -

Select Repeat Clients Only 

Includes evening out for Dinner/Activity, late night intimacy and cuddles before bed. Morning quickie before breakfast. 

(Travel time included if we go away to Banff or similar for the night)

$3000CAD $2300USD - About 15 hours



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