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  • I do not offer any "bareback" services. This is a firm boundary and not negotiable 

  • I do not offer "greek" 

  • Specific "acts" will depend on our chemistry in person and your personal hygiene, please don't ask for a "menu" in your booking request. I have services listed with my rates.

  • PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE TO A BOOKING WITH ANY OPEN SORES/WARTS ON YOUR MOUTH AND/OR GENITALS. If I suspect symptoms of any contagious illness you will be asked to leave without refund. (this includes cold or flu like symptoms)

  • I am not "party" friendly and am a recovering alcoholic. Please do not bring any alcohol to our date. Do not book a date while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. I reserve the right to refuse service or end the date if I feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

  • Please do not book me on behalf of someone else or for a group setting. I'm a one client at a time provider. I only offer duo/group sessions with my coworkers. 


  • The donation for our arrangement should be left in clear view for me upon arrival before you shower. 

  • The donation is for my time and companionship only and is not negotiable.

  • A small deposit will be required to confirm a booking. I accept deposits via etransfer or gift card 

  • In the event that you need to cancel your booking, your deposit will just be held until you can reschedule. I don't require a cancelation fee unless you no show without giving any notice. 

  • If you wish to pay for the full date via etransfer please be advised that you will need to send it with the password to me BEFORE you arrive. Etransfer sometimes takes hours to go through and I will not commence services before being paid. 

  • Please note that I do offer virtual services (texting, phone chats) to get to know each other before we meet in person. Chatting between bookings without compensation isn't encouraged. All booking requests, including virtual need to be made through my websites contact form.

  • Are you coming from the States and don't have time to convert your cash? Not to worry, I can accept American dollars and I've pre-calculated the rate so we aren't doing currency exchange in our bathrobes. USD rates are rounded up for my convenience.


My services are for ages 21+ and I will ID anyone who appears under 30 years old 

To book please use my contact form.

Be sure to include what service you are looking for (Virtual, Public Date, Private Date, Duo, or Fetish Requests) as well as the DATE/TIME/DURATION of appointment you are looking to book. 

Outcalls to Hotels or Condos ONLY

extra screening will be required

Incall in the Beltline Downtown Calgary

(Outcall means you have me over as a guest, Incall means I have You over)

**Unless otherwise posted I require at least 24 hours notice (confirmed with a deposit) for any appointment request (including virtual) but please give as much notice as possible to confirm your spot** 

Hygiene/Health Protocol for Private Bookings


Once you arrive I will welcome you with a hug and a kiss. At this point the donation for my time should be presented to me before you enter the bathroom to shower. Please leave your phone, wallet, and keys in the bathroom along with your clothing. There will be a clean robe for you to wear hanging behind the door. Soap, clean towels/wash cloths, body wash, spray deodorant, and mouth wash, will be available for you to use. 


For Out Call - Please shower thoroughly before I arrive and use mouthwash and deodorant. I will have showered before leaving to meet you but may want to freshen up before commencing services.


It will be embarrassing for both of us if I have to ask you to shower again or have to decline service after you've already paid. I am extremely sensitive to body odour smells so please be very thorough with your hygiene before our date.


This protocol is assuming neither of us have any symptoms and are clear of any contagious illnesses. If you develop symptoms directly before or after our time together please let me know immediately. 

(I will do the same)  If either of us needs to cancel, the deposit will be held for a future booking. 



If I suspect symptoms of any contagious illness you will be asked to leave without refund. (this includes cold or flu like symptoms)

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