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Spoil Me

Gifts are never expected, but always appreciated. Send me a little something to remember you by.

My Birthday is March 28th

~Handmade gifts/ letters by you <3~

~Dog Toys for Dog Logan and Lucifer (please no treats as Logan has a very sensitive stomach)~


~Sex Toys~

Vibrating Dildo


~Self care products~

Bath Bombs / Shower Bombs

Skin care

~CBD products (no thc please)~

(please let me know if you purchased any of the following items so I can remove it from this list)

~These Roller-Skates~

Size 40 in Black



Necklace 1


Earrings 1

Earrings 2

Earrings 3



This Jacket in a Medium

This Dress in a Medium

~Home Decor~

Stripper Mouse

Framed Bee


Stained Glass Art

Scented Candles

~And of course, gift cards to any of the above stores to support my shopping addiction~

Any gifts can be mailed to my

Personal Mail Box



1500-14th Street SW

Calgary Alberta

T3C 1C9

20211008 Lula Blue PH 0292_edited.jpg